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School Boards and School Safety

Understandably, many school board members and district leadership, have limited knowledge about increasing school safety and security issues, and the proper engagement of effective and sustainable solutions.

Gaps in both comprehensive knowledge and qualified experience can result in the adoption of inadequate policies and procedures, the installation of ineffective equipment and systems, and the implementation of substandard or non-existent emergency planning and preparation.

The consequences of these errors could range from a minor incident to a significant unmitigated disaster.

✅ Has evaluated every major school crisis since Columbine.

✅ Has served over 3,000 public, private, and charter school districts with comprehensive training, effective and sustainable emergency management and response plans, and the procurement and implementation of systemic safety and security services and solutions.

The TABI Executive Team developed and administrated:

✅ The nation’s first Center for Safe and Secure Schools at the Harris County Department of Education

✅ The Texas Education Agency’s — Persistently Dangerous Schools Program, and

✅ The Texas Education Service Center’s — Safe Schools Alliance

TABI works with district and campus leadership to align vital and necessary solutions to all available funding sources, including: Title IV Part A, ESSER, GAPS, and EANS.

Contact TABI for more information:

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