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A System of Services

To effect true and sustainable improvement, we cannot simply function as a mere recorder of facts, but rather as both an investigator of cause, and a champion for change. Our tenure and experience allow us to tailor a comprehensive suite of services under a qualified systems approach that works to ensure all students, staff members, and campuses remain healthy,  protected, and safe.


Vital Lifesaving Technologies and Platforms including: safety / blast protection window film, card access systems, analytical video surveillance solutions, emergency communications / radios, building alarm systems, real-time command centers, weapons and gunshot detection systems, panic alarms, emergency door locking systems, campus-wide emergency alert system, tip reporting applications, sensor fusion platforms, network/cyber security solutions, fever detection cameras, fixed video contact tracing, and air purification systems. For more information:



SaSS facilitates the development and implementation of public, private, and charter school law enforcement programs, school resource officer solutions, and professional campus-based security services; to include, Chief Administrator and Command Staff search and recruitment, development of departmental/program policies and procedures, on-boarding and training of line staff, and continuous coaching, leadership development, and support. For more information:


Policy and Training

SaSS facilitates training and tools to promote a comprehensive review of current trends in school safety and security, and assists all district stakeholders by providing:

  1. Improved understanding of the causes and solutions for school violence.

  2. Qualified guidance and recommendations for the school marshal/guardian and other district safety/security programs, and professional training for ISD Law Enforcement Agencies and School Resource Officers.

  3. Enhanced situational awareness, and solutions for behavioral threat assessment team development, planning, and training. 

  4. Understanding and supporting adolescent development, student mental health, social/emotional learning, and positive behavior supports through a comprehensive, complete, and measurable solution. 

  5. Review of the School Safety and Audit Toolkit, included in TEC 37.108, as developed by the TxSSC.

  6. Exploring available programs to implement approved training for the use of a bleed control station pursuant to (TEC), §38.030, as added by TX House Bill (HB) 496.

  7. An opportunity to experience and prepare for real life scenarios through simulations training, which promotes vital experiential development in a safe and controlled learning laboratory. For more information:


Assistance with Funding

SaSS provides assistance to help your organization align and utilize all available state and federal funding opportunities, assists with cooperative pricing, and works to ensure the implementation and sustainability of systemic solutions. For more information:

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