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Products & Services

SaSS recently entered into MOU agreements with Texas IoT to ensure the overall safety, security, and wellness of Texas public, private, and charter school systems.


"The initiation of these consequential partnerships will allow us to facilitate all aspects of health, safety, and security for our students, staff, and stakeholders", stated SaSS Executive Director RJ Boatman.

Vital Life Saving Technologies and Platforms

  • ballistic / blast protection window film

  • card access systems

  • analytical video surveillance solutions

  • emergency communications / radios

  • building-wide communications – amplification systems (BDA/DAS)

  • building alarm systems

  • real-time command centers

  • weapons and gunshot detection systems

  • panic alarms

  • emergency door locking systems

  • campus-wide emergency alert system

  • tip reporting applications

  • sensor fusion platforms

  • network/cyber security solutions

  • fever detection cameras - Learn more...

  • fixed video contact tracing - Learn more...

  • air purification systems

Policy, Process, Planning, Training

  • comprehensive facilities assessments

  • policy and procedures review and recommendations

  • crisis/emergency management planning, team development, training, and drill practice

  • active shooter prevention, response, and survival training

  • behavioral threat assessment, situational awareness, and social/emotional learning

Public Safety Services and Supports

  • SaSS facilitates the development and implementation of public, private, and charter school/district police departments, school resource officer programs, and professional campus-based security programs; to include, Chief Administrator and Command Staff search and recruitment, facilitation of agency applications, development of departmental policies and procedures, on-boarding and training of line staff, and continuous coaching, leadership development, and support.

Assistance with State and Federal Funding

  • SaSS provides assistance to help your organization align and utilize state and federal funding solutions. Learn more...

Let's Work Together

In an ideal world, homes, schools and businesses would be free from casualty and crime. Unfortunately, we know that to be far from the truth, and that the places we live, learn, worship, and work will never be immune from the elements of ill intent, and the individuals that plan to commit crimes against persons or property.

To that end, SaSS fully understands, that we will not be able to prevent each and every incident or attack; however, through constant and consistent planning and preparation, we can competently create a more safe, secure, and orderly environment that is less conducive for failure and much more conducive for success. - RJ Boatman

Our Qualifications: The Office of Safe and Secure School's Executive Team have worked in school safety since 1999, and are the founder's and architects of America's first safe school center at the Harris County Department of Education, The Texas Education Agency's Persistently Dangerous Schools Project, The Texas Safe Schools Alliance, and the USDE Safe School Initiative. Read more about SaSS Executive Director RJ Boatman.

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