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TABI/SaSS and the EANS/GAPS Funded Solutions

An introduction to TABI and the Office of Safe and Secure Schools (SaSS), and our 40 years of work in public safety; more specifically, our work in developing and leading America’s first Center for Safe and Secure Schools at the Harris County Department of Education, the Texas Education Agency’s Persistently Dangerous Schools Project, The USDE Safe Schools Initiative, and the Texas Safe Schools Alliance — a cooperative effort of the Texas Education Service Centers.

Over the last 24 years, TABI has served as a thought leader and architect for statewide and national school safety services, and has worked diligently to reduce critical emergencies on school grounds, while striving to improve and support positive student behavior, effective social and life skills, and the overall physical, emotional, and mental health of our children.

Recently, TABI partnered with multiple federally funded initiatives to provide crucial safety and security services to all public, charter, and private schools in Texas. For Texas Private Schools, that partnership is with the EANS and GAPS funded programs, and can be found in Class Wallet under TABI

These vital and consequential products and services include:

  • Facilities Assessments

  • Electronic Access Control

  • Analytical Video Surveillance

  • Panic Buttons

  • Window Safety Film

  • Weapons and Gun Shot Detection Systems

  • Tip Reporting Applications

  • Contract Security and Off-Duty Law Enforcement Services

  • Necessary Training for Law Enforcement, School Administrators, Faculty & Staff

As we all work together to implement services and solutions to keep our students, staff, and facilities protected and safe, the coming months are a perfect time for assessments, planning, purchasing, integration, and training.

We look forward to hearing from you soon to setup an initial in-person or electronic meeting, and to working side-by-side to keep our schools and our children safe.

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