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TABI Office of Safe and Secure Schools

"Ensuring that every student, staff member, and campus is healthy, protected, and safe."

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About TABI

TABI and the Office of Safe and Secure Schools (SaSS),has over 40 years of experience in public and school safety. TABI Executive Director RJ Boatman served as the founding and inaugural Director of America’s first Center for Safe and Secure Schools at the Harris County Department of Education, as the Director of the Texas Education Agency’s Persistently Dangerous Schools Project, as a Director for the USDE Safe Schools Initiative, and as the Executive Director of the Texas Safe Schools Alliance — a cooperative effort of the Texas Education Service Centers. TABI brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and offers a full suite of products, services, trainings, and supports to keep all students, staff members, and campuses protected and safe.

Portrait Of High School Students With Teacher Outside College Buildings.jpg

Systems and Solutions

"TABI and the Office of Safe and Secure Schools (SaSS) has had the opportunity to travel across the country, and initiate consequential discussions on the topics of public safety, student mental health, behavioral threat assessment, active shooter situations, and all active campus safety and security solutions. Our comprehensive research revealed that there are a lot of great ideas, both at the administrative level and in the field; however, most Schools have not implemented an all-encompassing plan that incorporates each of these solutions into an effective, reliable, and functional system. TABI brings that System."


"After years of dedication, research and development, we have the experience, resources, systems, and technologies to identify and track violent offenders on campus, send Geo-location information to public safety responders, provide dynamic instructions to victims and other innocent parties for critical evacuation, and advance qualified information to emergency medical responders to assist with triage and expeditious emergency medical services."

RJ Boatman
Executive Director


"For over 40 years, TABI team members have been saving and restoring lives. From turning schools around academically, to working with students who have struggled with mental health, behavior and discipline, to keeping our campuses protected and safe. TABI is a game changer for our children and schools."

Dr. Jerry Gibson
Deputy Director


"As a former school board member and President, I am keenly aware of the pitfalls our campuses have faced due to inconsistent planning, and fragmentary purchasing of products and services. The TABI "systems approach" ensures that all relevant and accessible data is tabulated, planning is in place to support seamless integration and long term fusion and reliability, and provides consistent accountability and governance to support unparalleled sustainability and success."


Carl Sherman Jr.
Senior Field Service Director

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