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SaSS Partners with PCG

Updated: Apr 21

SaSS recently entered into MOU agreements with PCG, an Austin, Texas based company, to ensure the overall safety, security, and wellness of Texas public, private, and charter school systems.

"The initiation of these consequential partnerships will allow us to facilitate all aspects of health, safety, and security for our students, staff, and stakeholders", stated SaSS Executive Director RJ Boatman.

SaSS in Partnership with PCG facilitates:

  • card access systems;

  • analytical video surveillance solutions;

  • emergency communications/radios;

  • building alarm systems;

  • real-time command centers;

  • weapons detection systems;

  • gunshot detection systems;

  • panic alarms;

  • emergency door locking systems;

  • campus-wide emergency alert system;

  • tip reporting applications;

  • sensor fusion platforms;

  • network/cyber security solutions;

  • fever detection cameras;

  • fixed video contact tracing; and

  • air purification and surface sanitization systems

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