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Federal Funding for School Heath, Safety, and Security

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and measures taken to safeguard the nation’s K-12 schools (public and private) the federal government passed three relief packages in the form of the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) fund.

Since the inception, government legislation has provided more than $193 billion in aid to state education agencies (SEAs), which have been directed to sub-award 87.5-90% to public school districts. Additionally, state governors have at their discretion $9.7 billion in support of private schools.

Video Surveillance Cameras for Contact Tracing at Schools

By using video surveillance cameras and Appearance Search analytics software, schools are now able to perform their own contract tracing if they believe a contaminated individual has entered their schools.

Linked to a series of fixed video surveillance cameras placed at strategic areas around the school campus, video analytics Appearance Search software enables school officials to track the movements of students, personnel, and visitors who have been identified with COVID-like symptoms and what areas of the school they accessed, people they came in contact with, and objects they may have touched (door handles, lockers, railings, etc.).

This saves school officials from spending countless hours reviewing video footage searching for an individual, the system searches for them automatically and identifies the individual and their movements.

School officials can now achieve optimal situational awareness across the entire school campus and create a powerful case detailing the chain-of-events associated with the infected person’s whereabouts.

Panic Buttons for School Offices and Classrooms

How will St. Louis and Metro East area schools respond to elevated incidents of student aggression and violence? The pandemic’s “hidden” affect on students can be partially measured by their disruption in learning, physical isolation, disengagement from their peers, and exposure to trauma, all having had negative affects on students’ metal health and social behavior.

Many of these same students have lost access to much needed mental health services due to the pandemic and consequently it is almost certain, according to the U.S. Department of Education, “that some students in every school will require support to address the isolation, anxiety, and trauma they have experienced.”

While schools address and support students’ social, emotional and mental health needs, it’s just as imperative to protect teachers and staff from potential harm and dangerous situations in the advent violent scenarios to develop. Experts warn that we will see an increase in violent behavior as schools reopen and as students return to the classroom. Students experiencing long-term emotional, behavioral and psychological effects from the pandemic may act out defiantly and with aggression.

In response to these potential situations, teachers and staff need a system to safeguard themselves, staff and students. The use of Panic Buttons in classrooms and offices is the perfect solution, giving schools the ability to immediately alert security personnel or the local police department of imminent danger.

Using Thermal Screening Camera Technology for Fever Detection

According to the World Health Organization, fever is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19, and implementing a rapid-fever screening procedure is an effective way to protect students and personnel.

Public health and safety guidelines need to be followed in order to keep students and staff safe during their return to school and they need to be able to quickly identify individuals who may be exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or other serious pathogens, so they can respond appropriately in order to limit the spread of transmissions.

Our Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection camera uses advanced analytics to detect faces, measure the temperature of the inner canthus region and notify school professionals if an individual is exhibiting symptoms of elevated body temperature. Powerful analytics search tools enable someone to quickly search through recorded video for elevated temperature events, so appropriate action can be taken immediately.

Air Purification Systems

Coming soon...

Establishing a Plan and Strategy

Contact us today if you would like to discuss the implementation of a campus and student health, wellness, safety and security response plan for your school.

The Office of Safe and Secure Schools


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